WhatsApp for iPhone gains screen sharing, in-call audio sharing and more

The globally popular messaging platform WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has unveiled a significant update (version 24.9.74) packed with exciting new features and enhancements designed to completely transform your communication experience on iPhone. You can now share your screen, listen to music together on calls, and even plan events directly within the app!


The latest version, 24.9.74, brings a substantial upgrade for iPhone users, enhancing the video calling experience. With the revamped video calling menu and the newly introduced screen sharing capability, users can now share multimedia content, conduct professional presentations, and engage in visual demonstrations during conversations, making virtual interactions more versatile and productive.

One highly anticipated feature is the ability to share audio during video calls, a functionality previously available only on Android devices. Prior to this update, sharing screens during video calls on iPhone resulted in the loss of audio transmission, causing frustration for many users. With this update, iPhone users can seamlessly share both their screens and audio during video calls, enhancing the versatility and functionality of the WhatsApp platform.

In addition to enhancing individual communication capabilities, WhatsApp is focusing on community engagement. Users can now send invites for events or parties directly through the platform, streamlining the organization process and facilitating feedback collection.

This update also brings a refreshed design for both iOS and Android apps, aiming to make the user experience more seamless and modern. The new design embraces a brighter and more fluorescent shade of green as the app’s accent color. From Meta’s blog post:

Over the years, we have primarily focused on adding utility to the app. As the product continued to grow in functionality, the design needed to evolve as well. We wanted the product to feel more fresh and modern without disrupting its core functionality.

WhatsApp design evolution

The app’s dark mode has also been updated to provide higher contrast and darker tones, reducing eye strain in low-light environments.

The menu bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen on Android, matching the iPhone version for easier navigation. Sending photos and videos on iOS is now easier with a new attachment layout, featuring an expandable tray that allows users to see features more clearly when sending media, polls, documents, and more.

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