WhatsApp introduces voice transcription to Android

Voice messages on WhatsApp have become a popular way for users to communicate with each other, especially when they want to share quick updates or have a more personal conversation.

However, there are times when listening to a voice message is inconvenient, such as when you’re in a noisy environment or a meeting. This is where voice message transcription comes in handy. 

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WhatsApp’s voice transcription feature will accurately transcribe voice messages into text format

While iPhone users have been enjoying voice message transcription for almost a year, Android users have been left out. Fortunately, recent discoveries suggest that this is about to change. TheSpAndroid has found hints of voice message transcription functionality within the latest WhatsApp beta for Android (version


Based on the code analysis, it appears that WhatsApp will use the speech-to-text software built into your device for transcription. This keeps the process secure because the processing occurs on your device and doesn’t require sending the audio data to WhatsApp servers.

Furthermore, the code suggests a one-time download of approximately 150MB, which could be the necessary speech recognition model for offline functionality. 

The introduction of voice message transcription will bring Android users in line with their iPhone counterparts. Here are some significant advantages: 

  • Accessibility: This feature is a boon for people who are hard of hearing or in situations where listening to audio isn’t feasible.
  • Convenience: With transcribed messages, you can quickly scan through them to grasp the gist without having to listen to the entire audio clip.
  • Multitasking: You can keep up with your conversations while multitasking, allowing you to read transcripts instead of having to dedicate focused listening time. 

There is still a lack of information about the official release date and user interface integration. WhatsApp has yet to announce an official release date for the stable version, and it remains to be seen how the transcription functionality will be incorporated into the app.

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