White iPhone 4 available at Vodafone UK

White iPhone 4 available at Vodafone UK

Yes, above is an actual picture of a white iPhone 4 box. There is word all over that these white iPhones are shipping to Vodafone UK and are starting to be stocked by retailers. These phones have been very elusive in the past, but guessing that the iPad 2 comes in white as well, Apple probably has their hands on the materials to make these again.

When this phone was rung up in the UK and sold to a customer, Vodafone then sent out a notice halting all sales of these phones until next week. It is being reported that the release date for this phone will be Wednesday, April 27th. AT&T or Verizon have no updates at this time regarding their stock of the white iPhone 4. The model number is a bit different from the black one, guessing that the number represents the color.

It’s not surprising that Apple is releasing these phones now, given the fact that the white was always popular for their iPhone line. It is unknown of the quantity that each carrier will get or retailers will receive, but word is that it will be a limited quantity at first and will grow over the following weeks.

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