Widgetable is the perfect app for long distance friends and couples

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected with friends and loved ones, especially those living far away can be a challenge. With Widgetable for iPhone, users can bridge that distance and make their lock screens more personal and functional.

This innovative app offers a wide range of lock screen widgets, including pet widgets, social widgets for friends and couples, dynamic icons, app launching widgets, and contact shortcuts.


Customize your iPhone Lock screen with Widgetable

Stay connected with long-distance friends and partners

One of the standout features of Widgetable is its ability to facilitate meaningful connections between long-distance friends and partners. Let’s take a closer look at the various widgets that make this possible:


  • Friends Distance Widget: This real-time distance indicator allows you to see how far you are from your friends. It’s a comforting way to feel connected even when miles apart.
  • Friends Status & Moods Widget: Keep up-to-date with your friends’ latest statuses. And when your friend is feeling down, you can send a virtual hug to appear on their lock screen, letting them know you’re there for them.
  • Friends Note Widget: Leave heartwarming notes on your friend’s lock screen to brighten their day and maintain a personal touch even when you’re apart.
  • Little Signal Widget: Surprise your friends with cute signals on their lock and home screens. A simple “bomb” or “kiss” will surely bring a smile to their face.
  • Miss You Widget: Express your love and affection by tapping the “Miss You” button whenever you think of your friend. This subtle gesture ensures they always feel cherished.
  • Friends Step Counter Widget: Set daily step goals with your friend and track each other’s progress. Encourage each other to stay active and connected.


Co-parenting and pet widget

For couples, Widgetable brings an extra layer of fun and intimacy to their digital lives. The co-parenting and pet widgets offer a delightful shared experience. Users can raise virtual pets together, nurturing and taking care of them as a team. These adorable companions will bring joy and a sense of togetherness to your lock and home screens.


Personalize with trending wallpapers

In addition to the multitude of widgets, Widgetable provides a vast collection of trending wallpapers. From stunning 3D art and dark themes to AI-generated designs and paper-cut patterns, you can elevate your phone screen’s visual appeal and make it uniquely yours.

Other features

Widgetable offers a wide range of other features to elevate your iOS 16 lock screen:

  • Dynamic Icons: Transform your static icons into lively, animated ones. Set a flying doggo or any other cute animation to add a touch of charm to your lock screen.
  • App Shortcut Widget: Customize your app shortcuts and launch your favorite apps directly from the lock screen, saving valuable time and enhancing your productivity.
  • Contact Widget: Reach out to your loved ones with just a tap on the lock screen. The contact widget streamlines communication, ensuring you can stay connected effortlessly.

Download Widgetable from the App Store here. Note that some features require a paid in-app subscription.

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