Windows 7 box art confirmed by Microsoft Store

Long Zheng has found official confirmation for Windows 7 box art from the Microsoft Store. It looks the same as  the one leaked by While this art is confirmed for the full version upgrades, the upgrade version have yet to be confirmed. They aren’t as pleasant on the eyes as these ones, so we’ll have to wait for them to be uncovered. The above box art can be seen at the Microsoft Store, but there’s no sign of pricing yet.

The box art looks really clean and simple as with the rest of Windows 7. It feels as if they’ve toned it down after the not so successful ‘Wow starts now’ campaign for Vista. And with October 22 marked as the date for public availability of Windows 7, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of a marketing approach they take this time. I guess, it’ll reflect the simplicity of the OS just like the box art does.

Update: As a reader pointed out in the comments, this had already been posted by Ars Technica some time ago.

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