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Mike Halsey from the long climb is working on Windows 7 Power Users Guide. I have been following his blog for some time now, and had found his Windows Vista Power Users Guide of great help. It’s like the manual you don’t get with Windows, but should. Just like the last guide he’ll be covering every aspect of Windows 7. Although as I’ve been discovering along my journey of using Windows 7 so far, Microsoft slips in a new feature in every new build. I wonder if that’ll continue till RC of Windows 7 and how that would effect the covering of every aspect in this guide. But I’m sure it’ll be a must have guide for 7 as it was for Vista. And unlike the name, it’s useful for newbie’s as well as experienced users as well.

The Vista Power Users Guide can be accessed here. Windows 7 P.U. Guide will be available this Autumn. Below is a preview of the guide’s cover. For more images visit the long climb. w7pug-cover

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