Wolfe Kickstarter aims to bring external GPUs to MacBook Pro lineup

A new Kickstarter campaign by Wolfe Pro aims to bring GTX 950 and GTX 970 external Graphic Processing Units (GPU) to MacBook Pro. The GPUs are designed to drastically increase the machine’s performance, approximately by ten folds.

Wolfe Kickstarter aims to bring external GPUs to MacBook Pro lineup


The NVIDIA GTX 950 GPU is offered as a standard model. The GPU will deliver a speed four times faster than a 15 inch MacBook Pro with M370X GPU.

  • 786 cores at 1024MHz
  • Computing power of 1.57 teraflops
  • More than 50 frames per second
  • Three 1.3 DisplayPort outputs
  • One HDMI

The GTX 950 will cost $499 and will be available at a promotional price of $399 for early birds.


GTX 970 GPU will provide almost 10 times faster performance on 15 inch MacBook Pro; an experience which can never be delivered by the machine’s built-in AMD R9 M370X GPU.  Thus, making the GTX 970 GPU the perfect device to enjoy the excitement of high-end gaming and virtual reality apps.

The powerful GPU offers:

  • 1664 cores at 1050MHz
  • Computing power of 3.49 teraflops
  • More than 70 frames per second
  • Three 1.3 DisplayPort outputs
  • One HDMI

The GTX 970 GPU is expected to ship by March in 2017 and will be available for $599. In addition, the company has announced that it will allow backers to upgrade their GPU to GTX 1060 when it is ready for delivery in the future.

Wolfe is also offering a cheaper DIY box which will enable customers to use their own GPU. The DIY box will be available for $269 and will also have three 1.3 DisplayPort outputs and one HDMI.

The Kickstarter campaign’s deadline is a few weeks away, so potential customers still have some time to join in the campaign. Once part of the campaign, customers will be asked to pick either Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt 3 connectivity for their external GPU solution. However, the option to purchase the TB2 version will only be available to Kickstarter backers.

According to reports, the 2016 MacBook Pro update will have AMD Polaris GPU, which will boost the laptop’s performance and deliver sharper graphics. It is expected to be launched before the end of this year.

if you are interested, you can back the project on KickStarter here. It has already crossed its goal of $50,000.


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