YouTube to expand its Premium subscription plans

YouTube has hinted at expanding its YouTube Premium subscription plans, offering more choices and potentially allowing you to share the benefits with your family.



While details are still under wraps, here’s what we know so far:

More plans for more people

YouTube Premium is currently available in three flavors: Individual, Family, and Student. The upcoming expansion hints at introducing new plans catering to different user needs and possibly reaching new regions. This could mean options like:

  • Mobile-only or TV-only plans: For users who primarily watch YouTube on their phones or TVs, these plans could offer a more budget-friendly option by focusing on specific viewing habits.
  • Data-capped plans: This might be suitable for users with limited data allowances, allowing them to enjoy ad-free viewing within a specific data limit.
  • Premium Lite plans: These could offer core features like ad-free viewing and background play at a lower price point, excluding some features like YouTube Music access.

YouTube Premium

Sharing the Premium love

Sharing subscriptions with family members is a popular perk for many streaming services. YouTube might be exploring similar territory, allowing you to share your Premium benefits with family members under a single plan. This could be a game-changer for families who love watching YouTube together.

What about pricing?

There’s no official word on pricing for the new plans. However, considering the current plan structure, we might see options that cater to different budgets.

What to expect in the coming months?

While details are scarce, YouTube has been rolling out new features for Premium subscribers, including:

  • Jump Ahead: This AI-powered feature helps you skip to the most interesting parts of a video using data and user viewing habits (currently available on Android, coming soon to iOS).
  • Picture-in-Picture for YouTube Shorts: You can now watch Shorts in a minimized window while browsing other apps on your mobile device.


With plans tailored for individuals, families, students, and budget-conscious users, there’s never been a better time to go Premium.

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