10 must have accessories for your iPod Touch

An iPod Touch is a great device to have. But sometimes, you need to buy accessories to complement the great experience it provides. Accessories that provide power, protection, easy cleaning, additional functionality and so on. I’ve compiled a list of 10 useful accessories for your iPod Touch that will serve you really well in the long run.

Smartphone Experts Wall Charger for iPod Touch

1. The Smartphone Experts Wall Charger for iPod Touch is a compact little solution to your charging needs that you can you just carry around anywhere in a bag or purse. The plug prongs fold neatly into the charger which saves some useful space. Comes with an LED charging indicator.

Sports Grip for iPod Touch

2. This Sports Grip for iPod Touch will make sure that it’s protected from every side for any possible drop damage. Made of high grade silicon, the grip has spaced ridges which makes it easier to hold and harder to slip through your hands. Even through the skin you still have access to the controls and dock connector. Comes with a protective film for the display.

Stylus for iPod Touch

3. Ever wanted to use a stylus with your iPod Touch? Here is is one made specially for your iPod’s touch screen. The tip of this stylus is soft, so no worries about scratching your screen. Using this stylus will also keep your screen clean from finger prints and smudges. Comes with a clip to easily clip it to your pocket. Belkin Sport Armband Plu

4. Belkin Sport Armband Plus lets you take your iPod Touch with you to the gym, for cycling and other sports activities. The comfortable armband comes with a washable material so you can clean it after it becomes sweaty. A key pocket is included for key storage, along with a navigation protector. Also provides a capsule to keep your headphones in.

TuneJuice 2

5. TuneJuice 2 provides additional power for you iPod Touch when its main battery runs out. Runs on just 4 AAA batteries and provides up to 14 hours of audio play and 2 hours of video play.

Family Charger dock

6. This Family Charger dock is a must have for those families where everyone has an iPod Touch. Just slip in your iPod Touch and hook up you charger into the back of the family charger without any hassle of cabling. Can be used on desk or wall mounted.

TuneCast Auto

7. TuneCast Auto lets you listen to your iPod Touch through your car’s stereo. It cuts through the static with ClearScan, which quickly scans and finds the best FM frequency with the push of a button. Comes with a PRO setting which optimizes audio and boosts volume.

Case Mate Universal Privacy Screen Pro

8. Case Mate Universal Privacy Screen Pro provides complete privacy when using your iPod Touch. You don’t have to worry about prying eyes anymore after buying this. It provides crystal clear viewing while reducing the view angle to 45 degrees. It works in both portrait and landscape mode.

Pacific Rim Mirror Screen Protector

9. Pacific Rim Mirror Screen Protector provides full screen protection for your iPod Touch. It makes sure that you don’t scratch your screen or leave fingerprints and smudges on the display. Easily installable and removable.iKlenz Cleaner Solution10. iKlenz Cleaner Solution lets you simply wipe your screen clean. It helps you in removing those smudges, smears and fingerprints that build up on iPod Touch’s screen after heavy usage. Unlike other cleaning materials, which aren’t made for touch screens, iKlenz wont damage your screen. Comes with a soft microfiber for scratch free wiping.

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