Wireless charging for your iPhone ala Palm Pre


The Touchstone wireless charger is one of the coolest features of the Palm Pre, which lets you just put the phone on the dock and it charges itself – without the need of connecting any wires at all. It is probably the first cell phone in the market to have this feature. If you’ve found yourself envious of this as an iPhone user, worry no more. WildCharge have created a wireless charging bundle which includes a charge pad and a skin for your iPhone. The skin contains a contact module that creates an electrical connection when put upon the charge pad. So you simply have to put the skin on your iPhone and you can charge it whenever you want by placing it on the charge pad. No strings attached!

The benefits of the skin are:

  • Compatible with iPhone
  • Convenient, wire-free charging
  • Protects your iPhone
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Ergonomically designed

Available at $80 it isn’t the cheapest of accessories, but it’s a must have if you like to stay ahead of the technology curve. Buy it here.

Available for the iPod Touch too.

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