Why should you leave Windows XP and get Windows 7?

A lot of people like being stuck in the past. They don’t like change, even when it comes to their operating system. The reasons why they don’t upgrade are:

  • Learning the new OS
  • The current OS just works
  • Too lazy
  • Costs money
  • Because Microsoft is a monopoly so they won’t support it by upgrading. They’ll stick with Windows XP. ( way to go! )
  • Ignorance
  • Don’t know there’s a new version of Windows
  • Media. Ridiculous propaganda by ridiculous blogs who like sucking up to Apple and live an anti-Microsoft life.
  • All of the above

While most of the reasons stated above are valid to some extent, such as the current version of Windows just works, such people actually miss out on many new features that can make computing better for them. For example, why wouldn’t anyone want to take advantage of the built-in codecs available in Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7? or the new Device Stage? or built in ISO burning? or the hardware accelerated user interface (AERO) that’s not just eye candy but actually helps in productivity as well, Aero Snap being the prime example. I could go on and on with many such features for Windows 7, but in the end, it comes down to these basic points in my opinion – you should upgrade to Windows 7 because:

  • It’s more secure. That’s the number one complaint from people who experience viruses and worms, they want a secure OS. Use Windows 7 with Microsoft Security Essentials, and you’re safe and sound. It also provides built-in security enhancements and a refined User Account Control ( UAC). Although, no OS can claim responsibility for a lack of common sense on behalf of the user.
  • It’s faster. On recent hardware, it outperforms Windows XP. It’s not just a claim, it’s proven.
  • It stays out of your way. With the new notifications system, and the improved system tray, built in and even third party applications won’t be able to harm your productivity.
  • The Superbar. Improves multitasking in certain scenarios and provides better handling of multi-windowed applications.
  • Built in troubleshooters. Windows 7 is smart. If it detects problems with your performance or a decrease in your battery time, it’ll automatically help you diagnose the issue instead of Googling or Binging around on the Internet.
  • Better looking games. This is for all you gamers out there. With DirectX 11, you’ll not only get prettier graphics but also improved frame rates.
  • Windows Media Center. This alone is a solid reason for many people to upgrade to Windows 7.
  • Easy networking via Homegroup. Easily discover and share media over your home network. Provide different access rights to users with just a right click. You can even access your home media over the Internet through other Windows 7 computers. No extra software/installation needed.
  • More battery life. Better efficiency. Optimized for lengthier DVD playback time, which means you can watch those complete movies without worrying about the battery time left now and then.
  • Customization and personalization features. You can make Windows 7 reflect your personality with themes and glass colors.
  • Windows Touch. Multi-touch capabilities are built right into the OS and bundled applications.

I could go on and on with the features that Windows 7 provides both in the user interface and internal improvements that not only enhance your computing but make it easier and more enjoyable, whether you are a casual Internet user, gamer, programmer, social networking addict, blogger, video editor, photographer or anyone else. You can avail the %50 discount for Windows 7 while there’s time. But still, if people intend on using Windows XP, nothing can stop them. All I can say to such people is you don’t know what you’re missing.

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