16GB iPhone 3GS price reduced by Walmart and Apple stops shipping iPhone 3G

It was expected that the price of iPhone 3GS will reduce with the launch of iPhone 4G. But this week, even before the launch of the next-gen iPhone, Walmart has reduced the price of 16GB version ofiPhone 3GS to for $97. It now costs around 100$ less than its previous price which was $199.

price reduction of iPhone 3Gs

Now that 16GB iPhone 3GS will cost $97 which is nearly the same amount that the 8GB version of iPhone 3G costs. This new deal will still be with a two year contract with AT&T as carrier.

Apart from the price reduction of iPhone 3GS, other news is that Apple has stopped shipping the 8GB units of iPhone 3G to AT&T stores and they will not take further orders of it. Also, iPhone 3G is not available at Walmart website too.

These news seem to be in preparation of the fact that iPhone 4G will launch in just a couple weeks from now at WWDC.

[via Appleinsider]

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