WWDC22 Swift Student Challenge winners receive AirPods Pro as a bonus

A few weeks ahead of the Worldwide Developer Conference 2022, Apple has announced this year’s “Swift Student Challenge” winners. In addition to traditional prizes like outwear, the winners are also given AirPods Pro as a bonus in recognition of their hard work. 

Swift Student Challenge

Every year, Apple holds its “Swift Student Challenge” for students who love to code before the WWDC event in June. Students from around the world can showcase their coding talent by creating an original project using the Swift Playgrounds app on the topic of their choice and submitting it for an evaluation. Projects are judged on their technical accomplishment, the creativity of ideas, and the content of written responses. 

The WWDC21 Swift Student Challenge winners were three young girls: Gianna Yan creator of the Feed Fleet app, Abinaya Dinesh creator of the Gastro at the Home app, and Damilola Awofisayo creator of TecHacks.

WWDC22 Swift Student Challenge winners receive their prizes: membership, pins, outwear, and AirPods Pro

Participants can check their status at AppleDeveloper.com confidentially, but some excited winners shared the news with others on Twitter. Winner @Krishna Babani posted the screenshot of his status that read he had won one year of free membership in the Apple Developer Program, outwear, customized pin set and AirPods Pro.

You’ve been selected as a WWDC22 Swift Student Challenge award recipient based on your outstanding submission. 

You’ll receive exclusive WWDC22 outwear and a customized pin set at the mailing address you provided on your submission form. You’ll also receive one year individual membership in the Apple Developer Program at no cost. As an added bonus this year, we’re including a new pair of AirPods Pro in recognition of your hard work. 

To participate in the Swift Student Challenge, an individual must be between the ages of 13 to 16, registered as an Apple developer or member of the Apple Developer Program, and meets the set requirements. It must be noted that a student can receive a Swift Student Challenge award or a WWDC Scholarship up to four times.

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