2023 Mac mini reviews round-up: the choice of M2 and M2 Pro makes it very “appealing”

For $100 less than the 2021 Mac mini, the new 2023 Mac mini comes with more powerful chips, higher memory and storage, an advanced media engine, support for more external displays, and faster Wi-Fi 6E.

Most importantly, the next-gen 2023 Mac mini comes with two chip choices, the M2 and M2 Pro, and the freedom to pick the suitable processor for one’s needs makes it an attractive desktop computer.

Ahead of its availability on Tuesday, Jan 17, reviews of the 2023 Mac mini are out and the verdict is that Apple’s new tiny desktop computer with a “serious contender”.

2023 mac mini

Here are the reviews of the new 2023 Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro chips

The Verge wrote that the new Mac mini delivers “terrific” performance, in addition to several other upgraded specs like HDMI, Wi-Fi 6E, and optional 10Gbps ethernet. The M2 version is for everyday use and M2 Pro is for creators and other professionals who “will push the envelope a bit”. The verdict:

It shouldn’t be surprising that the 2023 Mac Mini is the best version of the product that Apple has pulled off yet. It looks the same but benefits greatly from the M2 platform, and that’s true whether you choose the standard chip or invest in the powerful M2 Pro.

Either way, you also gain better Wi-Fi and can expect very few bumps this far into the Apple silicon transition. Spend more on the M2 Pro, and on top of the mighty speed, you’ll get to take advantage of even more Thunderbolt 4 ports and more external displays.

TechCrunch found the 2023 Mac mini is a serious contender especially with the M2 Pro chip because the difference between M2 and M2 Pro chips is little but “consequential”. The reviewer’s Mac mini with M2 Pro which smoothly switches between tasks and applications like heavy photo editing and media encoding.  

2023 mac mini

All in all, both the M2 and M2 Pro models of the Mac mini are amongst the most powerful computers by Apple. The verdict:

With the M2 and M2 Pro, the Mac Mini sits among the most powerful computers Apple offers at any price point. And let’s remember one of the Mac Mini’s main selling points: it’s mini. The Mac Min is a tiny package that offers a lot of flexibility. Bundle it with one of Apple’s Studio Displays for a great iMac alternative, or use it with an inexpensive monitor for a low-cost workstation. As always, the Mac Mini is a value proposition, and it’s never looked better than it does now with the M2 and M2 Pro.

Tom’s Guide wrote that with a speedy M2 chip, the new Mac mini comes with an excellent value of $599 and the option to upgrade to a more powerful M2 Pro “sweetens the deal” with an improved gaming experience than the predecessor.

After spending some time testing the Mac mini M2, it’s not hard to recommend. The base model is faster and cheaper than its predecessor, making it the de facto best choice for anyone in the market for a pint-sized Mac desktop.

Plus, the option to upgrade it with an M2 Pro chip is a welcome one that can turn this PC into a half-decent gaming machine. Sure, it can’t compete with the best gaming PCs on the market, but it’s far cheaper, smaller and quieter than they are. And really, the biggest limitation on the Mac mini M2’s gaming potential isn’t the hardware itself but the lack of official macOS support for many games.

2023 mac mini

PC Mag concluded that the computer looks the same as its predecessor but offers “new performance heights”. 

M2 Pro, we’d still expect very good performance in tests that lean hard on the CPU with the 10-core M2 Pro. But whether you’re looking at the cheapest option, or one of the surprisingly powerful M2 Pro flavors, it’s clear that Apple’s latest M2 chips are bringing shoppers more power than ever before.

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