64% of iPhone users think the iPhone 13 lineup is “not very exciting”- Survey

A new online survey conducted by SellCell reveals that over 64.1% of iPhone users are “unimpressed” with the recently launched flagship iPhone 13 series. The survey involved 5000 iPhone users in the U.S., aged 18 years or older to find the reasons for not upgrading to the latest models. The given figure is the same as an earlier survey conducted by Savings.

The survey online questionnaire asked the participants to rate the new iPhone 13 series on a scale of 1 to 5. The result is as the following:

  1. Extremely exciting – 6.3%
  2. Very exciting – 8.1%
  3. Somewhat exciting – 21.5%
  4. Not very exciting – 17.2%
  5. Not at all exciting – 46.9%

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iPhone 13 purchase intent in the United States has declined by 20.5% compared to pre-launch survey

The new survey shows that the purchase intent of existing iPhone users has declined by 20.5% than the pre-launch survey taken two months ago. The study cites underwhelming updates as the reason for consumers waning interest in upgrading to the latest iPhone models.

If this is any indication, the new iPhone 13 range may have failed to live up to the pre-launch expectations for a majority of iPhone owners, who were expecting significant additions like under-display Touch ID, always-on display, and notch-less design.

Of those not planning to upgrade, 36.8% will wait for the launch of iPhone 14, 32.3% have no plans to upgrade in the next two years, 16.1% are migrating to Android, 11.3% are buying an older iPhone model, and 3.5% are undecided.

Rumor mills claim that the next-generation iPhone 14 will come with a completely redesigned punch-hole display which will remove the notch, along with a faster processor, more storage and other advanced features. The survey also revealed that iPhone users are interested in the upcoming Google Pixel 6 series.

Another interesting aspect of the survey is that a relatively higher share of Apple defectors would prefer switching to a Google Pixel phone (45.1%) over a Samsung Galaxy phone (41.8%).

A possible reason for this change in brand preference could be the hype surrounding the upcoming Google Pixel 6 lineup, which is set to come out with a major design overhaul and an in-house Tensor chipset.

Having said that, the initial pre-order numbers in China and United States and analyst estimates refute this survey’s findings. In China, iPhone 13 pre-order number crossed 5 million ahead of the series launch on September 24, and a survey of 37 sales representatives in the United States showed that demand for iPhones will be higher than Android-based phones due to shortage.

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