64% of customers have no intention to upgrade to iPhone 13, survey reveals

With Apple’s announcement of its upcoming iPhone 13 lineup around the corner slated for the ‘California Streaming‘ virtual event, a new survey shows that just 1-in-10 iPhone users plan to upgrade to the newest iPhone when it is launched.

iPhone 13

Only 10% of customers plan to upgrade to iPhone 13

According to a survey conducted by Savings with 1,531 U.S. iPhone users, only 10% of consumers intend to purchase the upcoming iPhone. Nearly two-thirds (64%) said they will not be switching out their current phone for the latest model and 26% of respondents were unsure of their decision.

Currently, consumers are most excited about the upcoming lineup receiving low earth orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity, camera improvements, and a larger battery.

While men and women share similar upgrade plans, the age of their current phone had a major impact on iPhone users’ plans to buy the new model. Seventy percent of people who plan to upgrade have owned their phones for two years or less, including one in three who have phones no older than one year.

The fact that the biggest block of people planning to upgrade have owned their current phones for no more than two years could be tied to the fact that some people finance their phones through their mobile carriers rather than purchasing them outright, and the iPhone 13’s release may coincide with the end of their previous financing agreement.

iPhone 13

With an estimated 116 million iPhone users in the United States, Apple is looking at 12 million surefire sales when iPhone 13 launches and an additional 20 million if the undecided consumers end up leaning towards the upgrade.

As per previous industry reports, Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone is expected to feature a smaller notch at the top of the display, new camera featuresa faster A15 chip with the same core counts as the A14 chip, and new screen technology that will enable ProMotion and possibly an always-on screen mode.

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