iPhone 13 will feature portrait mode video, ProRes format, and a smaller notch

iPhone 13 will feature major upgrades to its camera system, as per a new report. The new smartphone will feature portrait mode video capture, ProRes quality video capture, and new filters for photos. The report also confirms that iPhone 13 line-up will feature powerful new A15 chips and displays with higher refresh rates, as well as a smaller notch.

Most of these features have been rumored for some time but they have been confirmed by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who is one of the most reliable reporters when it comes to Apple leaks.

iPhone 13 camera

iPhone 13 to feature multiple camera improvements powered by the A15 chip

The report outlines that iPhone 13 line-up will feature the same variants and display sizes as the current iPhone 12 line-up. This means that iPhone 13 mini will launch, despite reports of lackluster sales for the smallest smartphone in the current line-up.

It is well understood that Apple will ship iPhone with powerful new A15 chips, however, Gurman’s report shines some light on where this advanced processing power will be utilized. Apple will be improving the camera system on iPhone 13 by a fair amount, and introduce new features such as Portrait Mode video capture and ProRes video format support. Portrait mode video capture, internally known at Apple as Cinematic Video, will allow for the depth data on iPhone 13 to be used for blurry backgrounds in videos, commonly known as bokeh. Portrait Mode was introduced with iPhone 7 Plus for photos, and this will be the first time that Apple would apply the same treatment to videos.

ProRes video recording will be the other major update for video capture. This format is used by professionals and is commonly available on high-end cameras. Having ProRes video capture on iPhone 13 would mean that there would be a lot more data captures with the video files, allowing for professional-level editing and color grading. Gurman reports that ProRes format might be exclusive to iPhone 13 Pro models. Currently, Apple’s ProRaw format for still photos is also exclusive to just iPhone 12 Pro models.

Gurman also says that Apple is working on new filters for photos that will be powered by artificial intelligence and will apply to photos based on the people and objects in them. Therefore, these new filters will not have the same result across multiple photos but will apply adjustments using machine learning to change highlights, colors, brightness, shadows, and contrast. This sounds like the type of feature that should work fine on older iPhones too as they are powerful enough but we would not be surprised if Apple makes it an exclusive iPhone 13 feature.

Lastly, the new iPhone 13 models, codenamed D16, D17, D63 and D64, will feature smaller notches with the same Face ID system as current iPhone models. A ‘new technology’ for faster refresh rate displays will also be part of iPhone 13 models, however, the report does not specify if this will be limited to just the Pro models or not. This ‘new technology’ will likely be LTPO, which we have been covering in the past.

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