Apple expands AiP substrates supply chain for new 5G mmWave iPhone 13 series

DigiTimes reports that Apple has enlisted a new supplier ‘AT&S’ for BT-based AiP (antenna in package) substrates for the upcoming 5G mmWave iPhone 13. With the latest addition, the company’s substrates supply chain constitutes 5 manufacturers.

Apple offers 5G network support across iPhone 12 series but 5G mmWave connectivity is only offered in the United States and ships lower-tier sub-6GHz 5G iPhone 12 models in other parts of the world. Having said that, tech analyst Min Chi Kuo claims that with the new iPhone 13, Apple is going to expand mmWave 5G support in more countries like Canada, Japan, Australia, and other major European mobile operators) which will inherently result in a 55-60% increase in shipments of the iPhone 13 mmWave models.

5G network supports two bands of connectivity speed: sub-6GHz and mmWave. The sub-6GHz 5G provides better latency, longer age, and download speed faster than 4G/LTE. The advanced mmWave 5G delivers super-fast download speed with minimum latency. And countries are developing 5G infrastructure, the demand for 5G smartphones is expected to increase drastically.

iPhone 13

Apple to increase mmWave 5G support in 60% of new iPhone 13 models

To meet the demand of 5G smartphones, the Cupertino tech giant is reported to offer advanced network capability in 60% of the upcoming iPhone models.

Apple is expected to sharply boost the ratio of 5G mmWave devices to 60% of its new iPhone lineup in 2021, with such models estimated to approach 90 million units, the sources said, adding that each mmWave iPhone will require four AiP modules, significantly driving up demand for AiP substrates.

iPhone 12 Dual SIM 5G

And for that Apple has signed a new manufacturer to expand its substrate supply chain and the manufacturers will equally share the load.

“The Austria-based maker, long a supplier of SLP (substrate-like PCB) mainboards and SiP (system in package) substrates for iPhones and other Apple devices, will join Semco, LG Innotek, Kinsus Interconnect Technology and Unimircon Technology to supply BT AiP substrates for the upcoming 5G mmWave iPhones, the sources said.

The five substrate suppliers are expected to equally share the orders for AiP substrates, each to serve 20% of the demand, the sources said. But most of them have declined to comment on specific clients and orders.”

iPhone 13 is rumored to launch in Fall, along with the new Apple Watch Series 7 and AirPods. The upcoming smartphone series is reported to four models like the current iPhone 12, it will be powered by an A15 chip, will be equipped by in-display Touch IDin-display Touch ID, larger batteries, and 120Hz “ProMotion” display in Pro models.

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