iPhone 13 Pro models to get 120Hz ProMotion with LTPO displays for reduced power consumption

A recent report by DigiTimes corroborates previous rumors that iPhone 13 Pro models will get 120Hz refresh rate displays via Apple’s ProMotion technology. The report also says that Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) OLED panels will be used to 15%-20% reduced power consumption. Apple already uses LTPO displays on Apple Watch, and enabled always-on display functionality using this tech.

iPhone 13 120Hz ProMotion Refresh Rate

iPhone 13 Pro to finally get 120Hz ProMotion display

As per DigiTimes, Samsung and LG will be providing the LTPO displays for iPhone 13 Pro models. The manufacturers are working to increase their capacity to supply the required LTPO displays:

Samsung Display and LG Display, now offering LTPS OLED displays for iPhones, are proceeding with capacity conversion to LTPO ones at their Apple-dedicated 6G OLED lines, with the conversion likely to be completed in the first half of 2021, the sources said, adding that production capacity will drop due to the added oxide step when LTPS is converted to LTPO.

BOE will also be added to the list of display manufacturers for iPhone 13. The company had recently passed through Apple’s requirements to produce OLED panels, after being rejected for failing quality control before.

The benefit of using LTPO displays would be that it will offset some of the power consumption requirements that will increase with the use of a high 120Hz refresh rate. DigiTimes believes that almost 15% – 20% reduction can be expected in power consumption, however, it could be due to a combination of the newer A15 chip, larger battery, and improvements to other subsystems on iPhone 13 Pro.

LTPO displays could also allow Apple to enable always-on display functionality on iPhone 13 Pro models. A recent list of rumors said that Apple will use Apple Watch-like complications for its always-on display on iPhone 13, and let users customize the information that they want to see.

Other reports say that iPhone 13 could support both Face ID and Touch ID and feature a smaller display notch. 1TB storage variants are also expected with the new smartphones.

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