iPhone 13 lineup will launch by late September as per schedule – Report

A recent report shows that iPhone 13 is on track for a September launch as usual. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple had to move the iPhone 12’s launch to October rather than September. However, that will not be the case this Fall. With the supply chain steady this year, it would not come as a surprise if Apple decided to unveil their upcoming smartphone lineup in September.

Having said that, the upcoming iPhone models might not be the next-generation of iPhone and be the ‘S’ version of the current line-up like the iPhone 6s Plus, 7s Plus, and others.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 on track to launch in September

In a research note shared with MacRumors by supply chain analyst Daniel Ives at Wedbush, it was said that there could be a chance due to product model tweaks that the launch is moved to early October. The event is already slated for the third week of September.

We have gotten more detailed reads from our supply chain checks for iPhone 13 builds with this next iPhone launch coming out of Cupertino in the late September timeframe. From a timing perspective, we believe the current iPhone 13 launch is slated for the third week in September as of now but could push out into early October based on continued product model tweaks.

In the past, Apple has unveiled its iPhones in various months. The iPhone XS lineup was revealed in September, but the iPhone XR was released in October. The trend of releasing an iPhone model in September was maintained since the iPhone 4s’ release in 2011, however, 2020 was the sole year in which no iPhone models were released in September.

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Ives expects Apple to produce 25% more iPhone 13 units than the current iPhone, with current estimates in the 100 million range. The analyst believes that the high, and strong demand for iPhone is due to the large interest in 5G connectivity.

The upcoming iPhone lineup is believed to feature up to 1TB of storage, the notch’s height may be reduced so it is less noticeable, and is expected to come with an in-display Touch ID. What are your thoughts about the iPhone 13? Let us know in the comments below.

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