Apple is planning to ship more 5G mmWave iPhone models in 2021

Apple is planning to ship more quantities of 5G mmWave equipped iPhone models in 2021, to cater to the increased demand of the faster 5G technology around the world. iPhone 12 supports 5G mmWave only on models that ship in the United States.

iPhone 13 5G mmWave

iPhone 13 might support 5G mmWave in a lot more countries

As per a report by DigiTimes, Apple is preparing to ship more 5G mmWave iPhones in 2021 as demand is growing due to infrastructure upgrades in other countries around the world. Previously, Apple was able to just ship mmWave iPhones in the United States, due to limited demand.

Apple is expected to boost its 5G mmWave smartphone shipment goal for 2021 as the global economy is on track for stable recovery, and its demand for AiP modules supporting mmWave iPhones will grow remarkably this year, the sources said.

In 2020, Apple lowered its 5G mmWave ‌iPhone‌ shipment projections as construction of the corresponding infrastructure in the US and Europe was severely dragged down by the pandemic.

iPhone 12 shipped with support for both 5G mmWave and 6GHz support. 6GHz is the most common type of 5G network that is found globally, and is faster than 4G LTE, but not by much. However, mmWave is the faster 5G variant and requires additional investment to set up. mmWave also has limited range, therefore requires the deployment of more hardware to cater to larger audiences, but it can provide downloads speeds of up to 2Gb/s. However, even in the United States, where mmWave is deployed by Verizon, connectivity can vary greatly based on location, which shows that it will take some time for the tech to mature and be used by many.

DigiTimes earlier reported that iPhone 13 Pro models will get 120Hz refresh rate ProMotion technology with LTPO displays for reduced power consumption.

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