Over 5 million iPhone 13 pre-orders in China drastically slowed down Apple’s online store

Impressed by the new iPhone 13 model, Chinese consumers flooded Apple’s online store with the smartphone’s pre-orders and drastically slowed down the website’s speed. According to South China Morning Post, the first batch of iPhones is not available for purchase online as of Saturday and new pre-orders have a later delivery date, the second week of October.

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The new iPhone 13 model does look the same as its predecessor but in technology, it is definitely a lot more advanced. As seen across the new 5G iPhone 13 series, Apple has upgraded the new 6.1-inch base model with a larger battery, and improved camera system with features offered in the Pro models like sensor-shift image stabilization, Cinematic Mode, Photographic Styles, and others. Advanced technology for a cheaper price has attracted a large segment of consumers in China.

The iPhone 13 is an instant hit in China that the over 5 million pre-orders have caused online traffic jams

As per the report, the launch of the latest iPhone series has been a massive hit with Chinese consumers across the country with over pre-orders of the smartphone have already exceeded 5 million.

The number of pre-orders across multiple third-party e-commerce platforms was estimated by Chinese state media to have exceeded 5 million on Friday, with JD.com alone receiving more than 3 million pre-orders.

Chinese consumers have pre-ordered millions of the new iPhone 13 across the country’s multiple e-commerce platforms, resulting in online traffic jams and viral social media discussions.

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Apple has refused to comment on the number of pre-order in China but the hashtag #Apple’sWebsiteisDown is trending on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site and the number of related posts has crossed 460 million views.

“They [the new iPhones] are really gone in just seconds. I either can’t get into the website or if I get into the website by luck, it shows that they are sold out,” one commentator on Weibo wrote.

Analyst at Counterpoint Research estimates that Apple’s shipments in China will increase by  58.3% in the fourth quarter from the third quarter this year because of high iPhone 13 demand. And the number of iPhone 13 shipments is expected to increase by 51.6%, globally, over the same period.

As Apple’s competitors are facing production issues due to chip crises like Samsung and trade-sanctions like Huawei, the tech giant is expected to take the large market share of premium handsets in the absence of competing high-end handsets.

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