iPhone 13 is the most important iPhone ever, setting “new dimensions of performance”

There has been a lot of debate on how different the iPhone 13 series is from the iPhone 12 series. Although the design is the same as the 2020 iPhone lineup, the technology is a lot more advanced. Therefore, an analyst at ASMYCO calls the new iPhone 13 “the most important iPhone ever” because it redefines performance and delivers features no one asked for.

iPhone 13

Apple has introduced major changes across the latest flagship series: screen, camera, and battery. All four models are powered by a faster A15 Bionic chip, support a 5G network, have Super Retina XDR display, sensor-shift image stabilization, offer the new Cinematic Mode, and Photographic Styles, along with more battery life.

The new iPhone 13 cameras are for ordinary people so they can do extraordinary work

Detailing the steady growth of iPhone users’ base in the U.S and around the world, ASMYCO mentions that Apple sold 2 billionth iPhone, recently. Factors for iPhone’s increasing users’ base are Android switchers, the wide spread of phone price points, carrier incentives (trade-ins and financing new iPhones), thriving used iPhones market, and most importantly, “the specification of the iPhone continues to push the boundaries of what consumers demand from a phone.” And the new iPhone 13 has pushed the boundaries of capability and performance even further.

The new cameras are for the new generation of YouTube, Instagram and TikTok influencers. Ordinary people with extraordinary tools can do extraordinary work.

iPhone 13 Pro

In the analyst’s opinion, iPhone 13 is the most important iPhone ever because “it creates the perception of what a phone should be and it sets up the trajectory for demand that did not yet exist.”

What the iPhone has shown however is that the demand for performance can be nudged up. We did not ask for rack focus, post-production focus (!), night mode, macro photography and portrait bokeh. But once we have these features we begin, ever so slowly, to use them and then we start demanding them. Conversely it seems that what people mostly ask for—that is what the critics ask for—are extrapolations of existing features. The “faster horse” dilemma.

What makes the iPhone and perhaps Apple special is that it seems to deliver things that nobody asks for but then everybody wants while eschewing overshooting a performance dimension that a few demand but most won’t use.

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