4G LTE Verizon iPhone 4 To Launch After Christmas?

This is definitely one of those big rumors which everybody wishes badly to come true. According to MacDailyNews, the 4G LTE Verizon iPhone 4 would be launched immediately after this Christmas. They claim that the information comes from a highly credible source. It was also rumored previously that an iPhone 5 was originally planned to be the first LTE-only iPhone scheduled to debut in summer of 2011 due to which Steve Jobs is helping Verizon or AT&T to build LTE networks as fast as possible.


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According to MacDailyNews:

  • The “after Christmas” unveiling of the Verizon iPhone was AT&T’s final demand so they could squeeze as many Christmas iPhone sales in as possible.
  • Verizon managers had training on the 4G iPhones last week and had functioning 4G iPhones in their hands
  • The Verizon 4G iPhone 4 will be available the day it’s announced
  • The Verizon iPhone is already shipping to Verizon warehouses
  • The Verizon iPhone is NOT being shipped to 3rd party resellers in order to control product leaks (good job)
  • Verizon agreed to take complete responsibility for the security of the 4G iPhone before it’s released to the public
  • The Verizon iPhone will be marketed as the only “LTE iPhone”
  • Since LTE is not widespread, Verizon will have multi-band chip backward compatibility with regular CDMA chips

So, what do you think? Could this one actually turn out to be true? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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[via MacDailyNews ]

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