5 Helpful Google Tips

Google, the search engine that gets 1,100,000,000 hits daily, is a remarkable tool that can be used for more than just web searching. Many people use Google more than once a day just for searching. Here are 5 little-known techniques for getting the most out of the world’s most popular search engine.

5:Use Google as a calculator. This really doesn’t require much explaining. You can use Google’s search bar as a calculator. Type in your equation and click Search to bring up the answer.

4: Use Google to look up stocks. Type in the stock symbol, and click Search to pull up graphs and stock quote prices. For example, typing “GOOG” will bring up Google’s stock information.

3: Use Google to display flight information. Simply type in the airline name and the flight number to pull up flight information.


2: Use Google to track packages. Enter your UPS, USPS, or FedEx tracking number to retrieve shipping information.

1: Use Google to search for a specific filetype. For example, by typing “Snivy” filetype:png I get only .png image results. This is my personal favorite on the list. When looking for pdfs, you can find manuals and guides faster, which can be very useful. Simply change to filetype:pdf, etc. for whatever filetype you like.

Searching for this:

will result in this:


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