How To: Run Windows Apps On Your Mac For Free Using Darwine

Sometimes being a Mac owner can be frustrating when you can’t find a Mac equivalent to a Windows application. This frustration is actually unnecessary thanks to an open, free application called Darwine. Here’s a super simple guide to running most Windows executables on your Mac.

Step 1: Download Darwine from here. Choose the latest version for best results. In order to use Darwine, you must have X11 installed. If you don’t, just google “x11 download.”

Step 2: Open the Darwine dmg file, then drag both the Darwine folder and the TRiX app into your Applications folder.


Step 3: Run WineHelper in the Darwine folder. Then, click Application > Open (or ⌘ + O) and browse to the location of your .exe file. Click on your file, and then click Open. You might also be able to simply double-click your .exe to open it.


Step 4: You should now have a Windows application running without the use of an emulator or BootCamp.



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