Get this 5 pack of 10ft USB-C cables for just $16.99

This amazing deal can get you a five-pack of 10ft USB-C cables for just $16.99, 15% off its original price. These cables conform with USB Type C specification version 1.1 and provide a safe charging of up to 3.0A. They are also nylon braided, which makes them sturdy and durable, and ensures that they will last a long time and endure any twists and turns.

As per the makers, the cables have been tested for 4000+ bend tests, and up to 5KG load-bearing tests. If you are looking to fast charge your MacBook, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet, with a power bank or a wall charger, you cannot go wrong with these cables.

5 pack USB-C cables

5 pack of USB-C cables with support for fast charging, starting from $12.99

Alongside the aforementioned features, these cables support up to 480MB per second data transfer speeds, 

These USB-C cables are available in various sizes ranging from 1 foot to 10 feet. You can get these cables for the following prices:

Buy 5 pack of 1ft USB-C cables from Amazon for $11.03 (original price: $12.99)

Buy 5 pack of 3ft USB-C cables from Amazon for $13.59 (original price: $15.99)

Buy 5 pack of 6ft USB-C cables from Amazon for $15.29 (original price: $17.99)

Buy 5 pack of 10ft USB-C cables from Amazon for $16.99 (original price: $19.99)

The above are the prices for silver-colored cables. These USB-C cables are also available in black, green, red, gold, and grey colors for slightly different prices.

As these are available in 5 packs, these make for amazing value if you are looking to buy multiple cables for your family or friends.

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