Apple Watch could get satellite connectivity in the future, M3 iMac coming next year

According to a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a future Apple Watch model could feature satellite connectivity. In addition, Gurman revealed that Apple is working on an iMac with the M3 chip which could be released next year. Last year, it was rumored that Apple could equip iPhone 13 with a low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite communication mode which would users to send messages and make phone calls without any signals present. However, the iPhone was ultimately released without satellite connectivity.

Apple Watch

Gurman reveals new tidbit about connectivity in future Apple Watch models

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Gurman says ”the Apple Watch is also destined to get that functionality,” however Apple’s timeframe remains unclear. Satellite connectivity could be added to the wearable platform this year or in 2023.

Whether it’s on the iPhone or Apple Watch, the technology would provide an alternative to the Garmin inReach Explorer and SPOT, handheld satellite communicators with similar features.

There have been signs lately that Apple and its apparent satellite partner Globalstar Inc. might be getting closer to launching such a feature. In February, Globalstar said it reached an agreement to buy 17 new satellites to help power ’continuous satellite services’ for a ’potential’– and unnamed – customer that had paid it hundreds of millions of dollars.

Previously, Gurman has reported that Apple will be launching three new Apple Watches this year; the Apple Watch Series 8, an updated Apple Watch SE, and an Apple Watch geared toward extreme sports. It would make sense for the tech giant to equip the regular model and the sports model with this connectivity.

In addition to the tidbit about the Apple Watch, Gurman also revealed that an M3 version of the iMac is already in the works. At this point, the specifics of the chip are unclear.

Since then, I’ve heard that the M2 chips aren’t the only one in testing within Apple. And if you’re waiting for a new iMac, i’m hearing an M3 version of that desktop is already in the works – though I imagine it won’t launch until the end of next year at the earliest. Also, for those asking, I still think an iMac Pro is coming. It just won’t be anytime soon.

Apple M2 chip - MacBook Pro

The journalist also predicts that the M2 chip could debut as early as June, possibly during WWDC 22 since the tech giant is planning to release several new Macs in the next couple of months.

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