Samsung to develop components for Apple’s M2 chip using FC-BGA technology

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is expected to develop a flip chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) for Apple’s rumored M2 chip, according to a new report. The chip will be used to power this year’s Apple Silicon Macs.

Apple M2 chip - MacBook Pro

Apple continues to work on M2 chip with aid from Samsung Electro-Mechanics

As reported by ET News, Samsung Electro-Mechanics will provide essential components for Apple’s M2 chip in 2022. The company will develop the product by this year and will subsequently be able to supply it to Apple for this year’s Mac releases.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is expected to develop a flip chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) for Apple’s next-generation PC processors. FC-BGA is a semiconductor substrate that connects the semiconductor chip to the main substrate. Samsung Electro-Mechanics will develop the product by this year, and expected to supply to Apple. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is participating in Apple’s PC processor M2 development project developed by Apple according to the industry on the 20th.

Samsung also supplied FC-BGA substrates to Apple to aid with the production of the M1 chip that was first unveiled in November 2020 with the M1 MacBook Air, 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro, and the M1 Mac mini. Apple has since then used the chip in the 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro, fifth-generation iPad Air, and the 24-inch iMac. The M1 Macs have received glowing reviews since their release because of their fast performance and impressive power efficiency, enabled by Apple Silicon.

The report also reiterates recent rumors that the Cupertino giant is expected to launch “at least” nine new Macs powered by the M2 chip this year. This year’s releases will also include higher-end Macs with variants of the chip including Max, Pro, and Ultra, as Apple, did with the M1 Pro and M1 Max.Apple silicon

Apple’s 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference, slated to begin on June 6, could be the perfect place for the company to unveil the next-generation Apple silicon as well as new Macs. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously said that Apple might debut two new Macs at WWDC 22. It is likely that one of the two Macs will be a new MacBook Air.

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