A lost Apple Watch Hermes cost the owners $40,000 worth fraudulent transactions

Powered by iOS Wallet app, Apple Watch owners can use their smartwatch to make contactless payments through Apple Pay. Although designed for convenience, the feature cost an Apple Watch Hermes owner $40,000.

WDW News Today reports that last month, a woman fidgetting with her smartwatch dropped it on the grated floor of the slow-moving The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT,  a theme part located in the Walt Disney World Resort. As her husband tried to retrieve the watch, a crew member assured the couple that their watch will be returned to them at their hotel.

Apple Watch

Several of the owner’s credit cards including an Amercian Express card with an unlimited credit line were linked to her Apple Watch. And unfortunately, no one returned her watch and she received multiple fraud alerts throughout the day.

Her complaint filed at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office stated that there were fraudlents charges woth $40,000 on her card and “she was told to research the fraudulent charges so authorities could track where the card was used.”

PSA- steps to follow if your Apple Watch is lost or stolen

It is very important to password protect your devices to prevent such incidents of theft. You can also take the following security steps to ensure that Apple Pay is not used on your stolen or lost device.

  1. Authorize each purchase/transaction with Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode.
  2. Enable ‘Wrist Detection’ on your Apple Watch which will require a passcode every time the smartwatch is worn.
  3. Mark the device as lost via Find My on Mac which will automatically disable Apple Pay on your device.
  4. Call the card provider to remove or suspend cards from Apple Pay.

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