How to Add Usage Stats to iPod Touch and iPad Settings App [Jailbreak Hack]

iPhone users 3GS and above have the ability to see usage stats like time since last full charge, call time, cellular network data and tether data usage but unfortunately for iPod Touch and iPad users, Apple decided to leave it out. However, if you follow these easy steps, you can enable usage stats on your iPad:


To add Usage stats to you iPod Touch and iPad , you will need

  • A Jailbroken device
  • a method of editing devices through OpenSSH
  • A plist editor or text edit app like Text Wrangler


1. Use SSH and navigate to


2. Find ‘Usage’ and delete the ‘’requiredCompatibilities’ string.


3. Now, navigate to  /Applictaions/ Statistics.plist and remove ‘required Compatibilities’  from the following: “STANDBY_ELAPSED”, “USAGE_HEADER”, and “USAGE_ELAPSED”

4. Finally reboot your iDevice and you should see ‘Usage’ in the settings app under General.

[FSM via BlogsDNA]

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