Adobe is now inviting users to test Illustrator for iPad

Adobe is currently in the process of inviting users to test their beta version of the upcoming Illustrator for iPad. This will be the second major app that Adobe is developing for iPad, after Photoshop.

Illustrator for iPad has been designed with a certain emphasis on multi-touch and Apple Pencil in terms of input methods. The app takes advantage of the iPad’s hardware and camera system. One such example is that you can take pictures of hand-drawn sketches, and the app will help you transform that picture into vector shapes. It is cross-platform friendly as your files are saved in Adobe’s Creative Cloud so that you can continue your projects on desktop, after starting on iPad.

The features on Illustrator include improved toolbars with drag and drop features, stable and smooth performance, and real-time drawing and editing in the app. You can now cut, copy and paste artboards in between documents. Free distort feature lets you modify shapes freely and edit different objects without resetting. Illustrator on macOS and Windows is already used by millions of designers and artists to try out new creative ideas with all the drawing tools that are needed to turn simple shapes and logos into sophisticated icons and graphics.

Illustrator is a part of the Creative Cloud so that all your assets can be accessed right inside the app, including Adobe Stock images. Every feature in the app will be synced to the cloud, including your shapes, colors, Adobe TypeKit fonts, brushes, character styles, etc. This gives Illustrator for iPad easy connectivity to your files from anywhere.

Adobe is dedicated to launching Illustrator for iPad in 2020, but an exact date has not been announced yet. Users can sign up for early access to stay informed about the release.

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