Apple introduces new Affiliate Program for paid podcast creators

Last month in iOS 14.5 update, Apple launched its paid podcast subscription service on the Podcasts app. Now, the company has introduced an affiliate program “Apple Services Performance Partner Program” for podcast creators. Designed to boost creators’ earnings by proving new marketing and promotion opportunities, the new affiliate program will give immediate access to detailed reporting to earn commissions by linking to podcasts.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts Subscription allows podcast creators to offer exclusive content like shows, episodes, and others for a premium. The company already allows creators to set their own pricing at 49 cents per month. But Apple will charge $19.9 annually from them and will take a 30% share cut from the first year’s subscription revenues and a 15% share cut in the following year, which is higher than Spotify’s 5% commission rate.

Therefore, by offering more ways to earn under the new Affiliate Program, Apple is likely to attract creators to its platform.

Under Apple’s new Affiliate Program, creators will earn  50% for every subscription membership

Become an affiliate partner

  • Creators can become Apple affiliate partners by submitting an application for review with their personal and business details, their preferred methods of marketing (promotional methods), and any other additional information they want to share with the company.
  • Upon approval, each creator will be provided a unique token or passcode to register for an affiliate account to “centralizes all podcast revenue generated from those affiliated links.” The links are compatible with third-party link tracking apps.

Commission earnings

  • Creators will earn a one-time 50% commission when listeners become paid subscribers by clicking the links. However, the 50% share cut will be for the first paid month of every subscription membership.

For example, if you link to a podcast subscription costing $10 USD, you will earn $5 USD in equivalent commissions. This payment scales globally based on the local market price and where podcasts are available.

  • In addition, affiliate partners also have to option to cross-promote content of Apple’s other service and earn more commission with “affiliate links for Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Books, and more.”
  • Revenue earnings via affiliate marketing will be credited in the next 30 days.


Free marketing tools and resources

Apple offers podcast creators a variety of free marketing tools in the Affiliate program which will help them to create links and reach a global audience, easily. The company details that:

  • Embed players: Whether you’re featuring your own podcasts on your website or promoting through other means, use our embed players to easily provide listeners with a free sample that gets them interested in becoming regular listeners and subscribing. Podcast embed players are quick to create and use with an affiliate token.
  • Apple Podcasts Identity Guidelines: Make sure your use of Apple Podcasts marketing assets aligns with Apple branding by referring to our Identity Guidelines. You’ll get access to all badge art, logos, and more.
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