AirGuard app offers anti-stalking AirTag protection for Android users

In light of recent stalking and theft incidents involving AirTag, the disparity between Apple’s support for iOS and Android has become more evident.

Although AirTag is compatible with Android, it does not come with safety features that are available to iOS users like receiving alerts when an unknown AirTag or tracker is traveling with them, playing a sound when the tracker has been separated from the owner, and more.

Apple AirTag

Fortunately for Android users, Secure Mobile Networking Lab offers the “AirGuard” app which is an anti-stalking tool against tracking devices like AirTags, or other Find My devices.

The AirTags and other Find My devices are simple, small and perfect to track Android users!  Without tracking warnings, as integrated on iOS, anyone could try to track your behavior by placing an AirTag in your jacket, backpack or car.

With AirGuard you get the anti-tracking protection you deserve!

AirGuard app

AirGuard app offer iOS-like AirTag privacy features including automatic scan, play a sound, tracker’s location, and more

Developed as a part of a project by scientific research from the Secure Mobile Networking Lab to provide anti-stalking protection to Android users, AirGuard is a free app without any ads and in-app purchases.

AirGuard scans for AirTags, Find My accessories like AirPods, and other trackers, it saves the information on the user’s device and sends a notification if a tracker is detected three times. For AirTags, the app allows users to play a sound to locate the tracker. 

  • AirGuard uses Bluetooth scans of your Android phone to find AirTags and Find My trackers. Every tracker that is found will be saved locally on your device.
  • Whenever a tracker gets detected multiple times the app will recognize this. It compares the locations where the tracker has been detected.
  • If a tracker is detected at least 3 times and the locations have changed (to make sure its not your neighbor) the app sends you a notification.
  • If this tracker is an AirTag you can play a sound to find it.

AirGuard - Android app

Download the AirGuard app from Play Store for free. It is compatible with Android phones on 5.0 or newer versions. All users’ data is saved on the device and private information like location, tracker IDs is not shared with the developer or data brokers.

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