AirTag’s safety feature saved an owner’s 2018 Dodge Charger from car thieves

John Nelson, a Michigan resident was able to find an unknown AirTag hidden in his trunk by car thieves. Nelson told the Fox 2 news that in early December he received a safety alert on this iPhone when was leaving his friend’s house. Prior to that, he had spent two hours at the Great Lakes Crossing shopping center in Auburn Hills.

He said that “when I got out I had a notification on my phone, and it said I was being tracked by an unknown AirTag.” He clicked on the safety notification and played a sound on the tracker to locate it. The miscreants had unscrewed a drain cap under the car’s trunk to hide it inside.


If it wasn’t for AirTag’s safety features, Nelson would have had a very hard time finding that unknown tracker and he believes his car would have been scrapped for parts. He has filed a police complaint with the Novi Police Department which currently possesses the unknown tracker.

According to the news channel, Nelson is one of many other victims in the Metro Detroit area, and Canada who have found suspicious AirTags hidden in their vehicles. Fortunately, AirTag is the only electronic tracker that comes with safety features for such situations for iOS and Android users.

Here is what should be done if an unknown AirTag is detected traveling with you 

Apple introduced safety features to avoid misuse of its tracker like the AirTag starting to play a sound regularly when it has been separated from its owner for 8 to 24 hours, and iPhone users receive a safety alert when the unknown device is detected.

  1. Android users must download the ‘Tracker Detect’ app to manually scan for, locate, find out who it belongs to and disable unknown devices.airTag - tracker detect app
  2. iPhone users should tap on the safety alert, play a sound on the tracker to locate it, find out who it belongs to,  and disable it.Apple - AirTags Find My Items iPhone
  3. All users must report the incident to the police.
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