Airmail 3.0 is out for OS X with iCloud sync, new customizations, smart folders and more

Airmail, the popular third party email app for OS X, has received a major upgrade to version 3.0 with new features including iCloud sync, more customization options, VIP, smart folders, online search, new service integrations and much more.

Airmail 3.0 is out for OS X with iCloud sync, new customizations, smart folders and more

For users who are fed up of the constant issues with OS X’s default Mail app, Airmail seems like a blessing. It has a good streamlined design that is easy on the eyes and also packs the features that power users need.

With version 2.5, Airmail had gained support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan and its features such as Split View. With version 3, Airmail has gained many of the features that are already in its iOS version. The new iCloud sync works cross platform so you can sync your rules, smart folders and VIP list between OS X and iOS.

Here is the comprehensive list of updates and fixes in Airmail 3:

  • New – Smart Folders
  • New – Vip
  • New – Vip notifications
  • New – Actions
  • New – Send Later (Gmail and Exchange)
  • New – Customizable Menu
  • New – Customizable Gestures
  • New – Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • New – Customizable Folders
  • New – Calendar integration (apply to new permissions)
  • New – Fuzzy Label, Move to
  • New – Online Search
  • New – Message Rendering Engine
  • New – Action Space Key to scroll
  • New – Action Unsubscribe
  • New – Rules Export/Import
  • New – iCloud Rules sync
  • New – iCloud VIP sync
  • New – iCloud Smart Folders sync
  • New – Forward messages in Rules
  • New – Sort Messages By Account
  • New – Recipients detected from previously sent messages
  • New – Integration Asana
  • New – Integration Trello
  • New – Gmail (Primary Inbox support)
  • New – Redesigned threads
  • New – Reply To Field
  • Improved – Sending with VPN (Gmail)
  • Improved – Quick Reply
  • Improved – Composer Attachments
  • Improved – Thread rendering
  • Improved – Respect Silent Notification
  • Improved – Starred on threads
  • Improved – GAL now support groups
  • Improved – Contacts
  • Fixed – Autocorrect on Subject
  • Fixed – Gmail multiple Login Windows
  • Fixed – Sporadic Half rendering Messages
  • Fixed – Links messages

Airmail 3 is available as a free upgrade for existing users. New users can buy it for $9.99 from the Mac App Store.

Download Airmail 3 for Mac

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