Use AirPods to correct your posture with Posture Pal for macOS Sonoma and iOS 17

After months of beta testing, the new macOS Sonoma 14  update is finally released to everyone with several new features and capabilities like interactive widgets, animated wallpapers and screen savers, Safari profiles, web apps, improved dictations, and more.

In addition, developer Jordi Bruin has also released a new Posture Pal app for macOS Sonoma which uses AirPods to correct users’ posture. Bruin launched Posture Pal for iOS in 2022.

Posture Pal for macOS Sonoma

Posture Pal uses motion sensors in AirPods’ to correct users’ posture when connected to an iPhone and Mac

Motion-detecting accelerometer is used in AirPods to detect when they are in the ear, along with optical sensor in older and Skin-detect sensor in the newer AirPods models. Using the motion sensors in the headphones, the Posture Pal app tracks users’ posture and reminds them to sit up straight, if they start to slouch.

Previously, Bruin shared the inconvenience of using physical trackers to correct posture, and the availability of Apple’s motion detection API motivated him to create Posture Pal so AirPods users can easily track their posture while working, streaming, or playing video games.

A few years back I bought a hardware tracker to improve my posture, which required me to stick it to the back of my neck. After a few days of feeling like a cyborg I stopped using it. When I came across the motion detection API I realized I would be able to create the same posture tracking experience but in a much less obtrusive format. A lot of people have their AirPods in their ears the entire day, so they won’t have to adjust their lifestyle as much.

Posture Pal was first released in iOS 15 and became the App of the Month in China in April 2022. Now, the app is finally available on macOS 14, after Apple added the necessary APIs in the latest macOS update. Bruin said that it was the “number one requested feature”.

The app does not require additional hardware to track users’ posture and does not feature extensive graphs or intrusive notifications to alert users to correct their posture. Instead, it features adorable characters that pop up from the bottom of the screen on iOS or macOS devices to remind them to sit up straight. All users have to do is open the app when wearing AirPods and forget about it. 

Posture Pal is a fun, playful but most of all effective way to improve your posture.

No graphs, no alerts, no notifications or complicated screens to remind you to sit up straight. Just start the app, and then forget about it, because Rafi the giraffe will just let them do their thing and will only pop up it’s head when you need a little subtle reminder.

Posture Pal for macOS Sonoma

AirPods and headphones models compatible with the Posture Pal for posture correction

  • AirPods (3rd generation)
  • AirPods Pro (1st generation)
  • AirPods Pro (3rd generation)
  • AirPods Max
  • Beats Fit Pro
  • Headphones that can send motion data to iPhone or Mac.

Download Posture Pal from the Mac App Store with in-app purchases. It is compatible with iOS and macOS and requires iOS 17.0 or later and macOS 14.0 or later, respectively. 

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