AirPods Pro 2 get customizable noise cancellation in upcoming firmware

During its latest WWDC event, Apple announced a series of upcoming software features for the AirPods Pro lineup, including innovative gesture controls for AirPods Pro 2 that interact with Siri. Among these updates, one significant enhancement has remained somewhat under the radar: a customizable noise cancellation feature.

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Apple’s latest AirPods Pro beta firmware introduces a significant upgrade: Customizable Adaptive Audio. This feature empowers users to fine-tune their noise cancellation experience. Previously, AirPods Pro offered two options: complete noise cancellation on or off, alongside Adaptive Audio. While convenient, Adaptive Audio, which automatically adjusts noise cancellation based on your environment, might not always match your preferences.

Customizable Adaptive Audio solves this by giving you more control. You can choose from default settings, or prioritize reducing more noise or letting in more ambient sound. This personalized approach ensures a listening experience tailored to your needs. In the beta version, adjustments can be made through simple options like “less noise” or “more noise.” The final version might offer voice commands like “remove more noise” via Siri for even greater convenience.

In addition to noise cancellation customization, the firmware update will bring several other exciting features to the AirPods Pro 2. Siri Interactions will enable users to manage phone calls, messages, and notifications by simply nodding or shaking their heads, adding a new level of convenience and hands-free control. Voice Isolation, leveraging machine learning on the H2 chip, will enhance voice quality while minimizing background noise, making it easier for listeners to hear the speaker. Personalized Spatial Audio for Games will benefit gamers with the best wireless audio latency Apple has delivered, alongside improved voice quality for in-game communication.

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While the exact release date for these updates is still under wraps, it is anticipated that they will arrive with iOS 18 in the fall. Apple heavily promoted these features during the WWDC keynote, highlighting their potential to significantly enhance the AirPods Pro 2 experience.

Beyond user-facing features, Apple is also introducing a new API called AccessorySetupKit. This API aims to simplify the setup process for third-party accessories, enhancing user consent and control for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Local Network permissions.

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