iOS 18 brings AirPods magic to third-party accessories

Apple’s new iOS 18 update includes an API that allows third-party headphone makers to create a similar setup experience to AirPods.

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The essence of the new iOS 18 API

The new iOS 18 API is designed to simplify the setup and management of third-party Bluetooth devices, making the process as effortless as pairing AirPods. Here are the key features that define this innovative API:

Quick pairing

With the new API, third-party accessories will support quick pairing. When a compatible device is nearby, the user’s iPhone will display a pop-up notification to facilitate easy pairing with just a single tap. This eliminates the often cumbersome manual pairing process.

Automatic configuration

The API allows for automatic configuration of settings based on the accessory type. For example, audio devices can automatically set optimal sound settings, while fitness devices can seamlessly sync with HealthKit, ensuring a personalized experience right out of the box.

Battery status monitoring

Users will be able to view the battery status of their third-party accessories directly on their iOS devices. This feature, which is already familiar to AirPods users, will now extend to other devices, providing a consistent and convenient way to monitor battery life.

Firmware updates

Third-party manufacturers can push firmware updates through the API, allowing users to update their devices effortlessly via their iOS devices. This ensures that accessories are always up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

Customizable controls

Accessories can integrate customizable controls through the API, enabling users to adjust settings like noise cancellation, sound profiles, or button functions directly from their iPhone or iPad.

Advanced audio features

The API could support advanced audio features such as spatial audio, provided the accessory hardware supports it. This offers an immersive listening experience, even with third-party devices.

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Apple’s new iOS 18 API is a strategic move to enhance user experience by extending the AirPods-like setup process to third-party accessories.

This initiative is expected to make it easier for users to connect and manage their devices while providing developers with new opportunities to innovate and improve their products.

The broader implications include increased consumer satisfaction, heightened competition among accessory makers, and further strengthening of the Apple ecosystem.

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