Warped Kart Racers and Cityscapes: Sim Builder hits Apple Vision Pro

Two popular Apple Arcade games, Warped Kart Racers and Cityscapes: Sim Builder, are coming on the Apple Vision Pro with enhanced features that take advantage of the mixed-reality headset.

Apple Vision Pro

Warped Kart Racers

“Warped Kart Racers” is set to redefine racing games with its innovative use of AR and VR. The Vision Pro’s advanced tracking and display technologies bring this vision to life, making the lines between the virtual and real worlds blur in thrilling ways.

Key features
  • Immersive tracks: The game features a variety of imaginative and dynamic tracks, each designed to take full advantage of the Vision Pro’s mixed-reality capabilities. Race through city streets, ancient ruins, and even outer space, all from the comfort of your living room.
  • Enhanced interactivity: With the Vision Pro, players can experience a new level of interactivity. Turn your head to look around corners, glance at your competitors, and feel the rush as if you’re really there.
  • Multiplayer madness: Engage in multiplayer races where you can see and interact with other players in real-time, whether they’re in the same room or across the globe. The Vision Pro’s connectivity ensures smooth and competitive gameplay.

Why it stands out

The combination of AR and VR in “Warped Kart Racers” makes for a truly unique racing experience. The game’s ability to project tracks into your environment means that no two races are ever the same, adding a layer of unpredictability and excitement that traditional racing games can’t match.


Cityscapes: Sim Builder

“Cityscapes: Sim Builder” takes city-building simulations to the next level. Using Vision Pro, players can design, build, and manage their cities with an unprecedented level of detail and immersion. This isn’t just a game; it’s a tool for creativity and strategic thinking.

Key features
  • Interactive Construction: Place buildings, roads, and landmarks directly into your physical space. Watch as your city grows from a few small structures to a sprawling metropolis, all around you.
  • Real-World Integration: The Vision Pro’s AR capabilities allow you to overlay your city onto your real-world environment. See skyscrapers rise from your coffee table or parks flourish in your backyard.
  • Dynamic Management: Manage resources, respond to city events, and make strategic decisions in real time. The immersive interface makes it feel like you’re truly governing a living, breathing city.

Why it stands out

“Cityscapes: Sim Builder” offers more than just a game; it’s an experience that combines the creative freedom of sandbox games with the strategic depth of management simulations. The ability to interact with your city in such a tactile and immersive way sets it apart from traditional city-building games.


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