AirTag helps another traveler to locate his lost luggage worth $4500 at the airport

YouTube and a cyclist, Shane Miller was able to find his lost luggage with $4500 worth of cycling equipment and personal belongings via an AirTag.

When returning home from a trip to Europe, Miller’s bag was delayed after he took a connecting flight from Singapore to Melbourne through Singapore Airlines. He was told that their ground baggage carrier, Swissport would inform him when it would arrive. Luckily, he has placed an AirTag in the bag which helped him find it a week later.

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Find My network and AirTag’s Precision Finding led a passenger straight to his lost luggage

After testing an AirTag’s usability for cyclists, Miller had declared it the best bicycle tracker prior to the incident. Therefore, he knew how to locate the tracker through the Find My network.

A few days after arriving home, Miller received a location alert on the Find My app that his AirTags in the lost baggage had arrived at the Melbourne airport but the Swissport did not update the status of the bag on their website which was marked as a lost item.

Thus, after a week of waiting and making several phone calls to Swissport, Miller decided to go to the Melbourne airport to find his lost baggage through the AirTags.


Fortunately, an airport official at the “Oversized Baggage” area told him where to find the Swissport offices at the airport. AirTag’s Precision Finding, he was finally reunited with this lost bag which was dumped at Swissport’s corner office along with several other lost suitcases and bags. For Miller, this incident was an AirTags’ ultimate test.


Previously, another traveler Elliot Sharod shared a similar experience with Aer Lingus airline when his luggage got lost on a transit flight. Later the AirTags in one of his lost luggage pieces showed that it had been moved from the London airport to another location but the airline did not provide him any assistance in retrieving it.

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