Man used AirTag to locate his lost luggage, when the Airline could not

On their flight back to the U.K., a couple lost their luggage and were only able to retrieve it with the help of AirTags and the Find My app.

According to Elliot Sharod’s account of their trip back home from a wedding in South Africa shared on Twitter, Helen (his wife) and him had to reschedule their flight via Aer Lingus due to the pandemic. And when they reached London, U.K., their luggage didn’t, and Aer Lingus only delivered two out of three missing bags.


AirTag, Find My app, and a PowerPoint presentation aided the recovery of a lost bag

Sharod has kept an AirTag in each of his bags to locate the pieces’ location on the Find My app before checking them in at the airport. When their stopovers from Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt were rescheduled, Aer Lingus did not ensure that all of the couple’s luggage was delivered to them.

After contacting the Airline via calls and emails for their last bag, and receiving an unsatisfactory response, Sharod took to Twitter to get the Airline’s attention. He uploaded a PowerPoint presentation of the bag’s location on the Find My app which revealed that the bag had been in two places in Pimlico, London, and had not moved since April 21, 2022. It was assumed that the bag might have been stolen.

On April 25, Sharod updated that his bag was retrieved thanks to AirTag, the Find My app, and the police, fortunately.

Apple introduced its own electronic tracker, AirTag in April 2021. Equipped with an Ultra-wideband U1 chip, Find My network support, and safety features to prevent unwanted stalking, the tracker helps users locate their items. Sharod is one of the many happy AirTag owners who have used the tracker to locate their lost items or stolen property.

Recently, several incidents of unwanted tracking via AirTag were reported which raised concerns that the tracker is aiding stalkers to track a victim’s whereabouts or carjackers to steal the victim’s vehicles. A police report confirmed that AirTag’s safety features work to alert the users of an unknown tracker, Apple or third-party tracker.

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