AirTag located a stolen motorcycle, and prevented thieves from disappearing with it

A resident of Renton, Washington claimed that his motorcycle was stolen on Tuesday morning. As Brandon had experienced such cases in the past, so he bought and hid an AirTag inside his motorcycle as an anti-theft precautionary measure. Fortunately, in time of need, he was able to locate and retrieve his stolen motorcycle.

AirTag, the Bluetooth tracker, is designed to help users keep track of their daily items like keys, bags, etc. It can be located via the Precision Finding feature when in close proximity or by the vast Find My network when it is miles away from the owner. The tracker also sounds a ping if it has been away from the owner for some time. Because of its features, it seems that the tracker is becoming a popular choice amongst bike owners to prevent motorcycle thefts.


AirTag prevents thieves from disappearing with a stolen motorcycle

After finding out that his motorcycle was missing from its usual parking spot of the apartment building, Brandon checked his Find My app to find that his motorcycle was only a few blocks away. The app showed that the AirTag had last updated its location three minutes before, meaning that either the AirTag or the bike was nearby.

After arriving at the scene, Brandon learned that the thieves had abandoned the motorcycle. He immediately notified the police, filed a statement, and the bike was retrieved without any damage.


Brandon told AppleInsider that the AirTag might have notified them that a tracker was following them since there is no definite way of finding out why the thieves abandoned the vehicle. The AirTag notifies anyone with an iPhone if it is traveling with someone other than the owner.

AirTag is a small tracking device that can easily fit in wallets, bags, pet collars, and concealed parts of motorcycles and cars. The device was not advertised as an anti-theft device, however, the tracker is useful for finding things if they go missing. A pack is available for $29, while 4 packs are available for $99.

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