Three new colors of AirTag accessories spotted on Apple’s Amazon store

Apple has added new colors of its AirTag accessories to its Amazon store, but not to its own online store. The new colors, Capri Blue, Pink Citrus, and Meyer Lemon, can be found listed on Amazon – but they are not available to ship. Capri Blue and Pink citrus are available for synthetic loops and Meyer Lemon is available for leather keyrings and leather loops.

Announced in April, AirTag is Apple’s Bluetooth tracker that comes equipped with support for personalization, Find My network, and precision finding with ultra-wideband U1 chip. The tracker allows users to easily locate their lost or valuable items like keys, bags, bicycles, laptops, and more all straight from their iPhone.

Three new colors of AirTag accessories spotted on Apple's Amazon store

New color options for AirTag accessories are available on Apple’s Amazon store

Both of the new standard AirTag loops, Capri Blue and Pink Citrus, can be purchased for $29 and deliver in late August. The Meyer Lemon leather loop is $39 and the leather keyring is $35. Currently, all the accessories are listed as “in stock soon,” so they might soon become available on Apple’s own online store.

Capri Blue and Pink Citrus are currently available for MagSafe silicone iPhone cases. However, Meyer Lemon is not available in the iPhone 12 options of cases. The color was previously used for the iPhone 11 Pro leather case and leather loop band for Apple Watch.

AirTag Key Ring Meyer Lemon

While new color options for AirTag accessories are exciting, it is bizarre that Apple released its official products exclusively on its Amazon storefront before its own website. It is possible that the accessories may have been added to Amazon by mistake.

Earlier this month, Apple released three new color options for AirTag loops and keychains. For the leather loops and key rings, Apple introduced Baltic Blue, California Poppy, and Forest Green. The tech giant also introduced 5 different color options for its synthetic loops: Sunflower, Electric Orange, Deep Navy, and White.


What do you think about the new color options? Will you pick any of them up? Let us know in the comment below!

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