AirTags help lawyer hold city officials accountable for illegally dumping homeless’ belongings

A lawyer, Micheal Fuller used AirTag to prove that city’s contractor was illegally dumping personal belonging of the people living at a homeless encampment in Portland, Ore.

AirTag is a Bluetooth tracker that, paired with an iPhone, allows users to locate items.¬† Apple’s new ‘Precision Finding’ technology directs users to the tracker’s exact location in close proximity and integrated with iPhone’s Find My app, users can even know the location of the tracker thousands of miles away via Apple’s vast Find My network.

Apple AirTag

AirTag attached to homeless’ items provides evidence of illegal disposal

Following up on the homeless community’s complaints that the city illegally dumps their belongs in clean-up operations, Fuller attached AirTags to 16 items of homeless residents camping in Laurelhurst Park to find out where they will end up. As per Appleinsiders’ report, Fuller located the trackers at waste transfer stations and random locations after a sweep.

“Due to the tracking technology, we have proof positive that Rapid Response broke the law and took property that was perfectly clean and sanitary, and belonged to homeless people, and took them to the dump,” Fuller said, adding that he will continue to leverage AirTag and Apple’s Find My network to hold city officials accountable.

In a Twitter thread, Fuller explained that under the law, the city has to retain useful items for 30 days before disposal. Therefore, by immediately dumping people’s belongings, the contractor was breaking the law and Fuller plans to take legal action.

The city is required under Oregon state law to retain property that is “recognizable as belonging to a person and that has apparent use” when conducting such sweeps, the report said. Fuller’s tweet notes such items are to be kept for 30 days.

Fuller plans to take legal action against the city if it is unable to offer a reasonable explanation for the apparent dumping.

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