iOS 15 beta 4 removes iPhone lens flare from photos automatically

The latest beta of iOS 15 has improved how users’ iPhones capture and process photos in specific lighting conditions. Within certain limits, the Camera app in iOS 15 beta 4 is able to remove unwanted lens flare in photos. Lens flare has been an issue with smartphone photography, but according to various users, Apple has found a fix for the issue. The new iPhone operating system is set to launch to users worldwide this Fall.

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iOS 15 beta 4 takes better photos by auto-removing iPhone lens flare

According to a user on Reddit, the updated Camera app can remove lens flare from photos in post-processing. Users are able to confirm that the iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 can post-process and remove lens flares in photos. It is still unclear whether older iPhones can do the same since many features of iOS 15 are exclusive to phones containing the powerful A12 Bionic chip or later.

So I’ve noticed something that I haven’t seen reported elsewhere. Whilst out and about I took this photo and thought it was ruined/needing to be edited later due to the lens flare (as I’ve done numerous times in previous photos with the iPhone 12 Pro as it’s so prone to lens flares).

iOS 15 auto-removes lens flares iPhone

According to various users, the feature does not work for live photos or videos, only still images. In addition, there seems to be some soft software judgment made on when to remove the flare:

It definitely has a judgment system as another redditor pointed out – I imagine in doors it things it’s just a light that’s supposed to be there. I’ve tested this out quite a bit outside and if the lens flare is massive (covering a lot of the photo) it just leaves it, but if it’s a small to medium sized dot in a place that’s obviously not supposed to be there it’ll delete it.

The Cupertino tech giant also introduced Portrait mode for FaceTime calls and Live Text with iOS 15. The feature uses your device’s camera to scan for text and copy it. Have you tested the new update on your iPhone Camera app? Let us know your reviews and thoughts in the comments.

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