iOS 15 beta 1 vs iOS 14.6 speed test shows similar performance on older iPhones

Apple recently announced iOS 15 at its virtual WWDC 2021 event. iOS 15 beta 1 was shortly released to developers following the event. The software update is jam-packed with new features including a redesigned notification system, significant improvements to native apps like FaceTime, Safari, Maps, Messages, and more. Aside from the new features, the Cupertino tech giant did not place a heavy emphasis on performance jumps with iOS 15. So how does iOS 15 beta 1 compare against iOS 14.6 in terms of speed?

YouTuber iAppleBytes conducted an in-depth speed test between iPhones running iOS 14.6 and iOS 15 beta 1. The YouTuber used several different models including iPhone SE and iPhone 6s to investigate how the latest iOS 15 runs on older devices. As per the results of the speed test, iOS 15 beta 1 offers a similar performance as iOS 14.6 on older iPhones.

iOS 15 beta 1 vs iOS 14.6 speed test

iOS 15 beta 1 vs iOS 14.6 speed test

The speed test was conducted by the YouTube channel iAppeBytes. From the results of the speed test, we can see that iOS 14.6 allows iPhones to boot up faster. Animations were also more fluid with iOS 14.6. However, iOS 15 beta 1 was faster compared to the previous update in some cases like app load times and webpages. Note that beta 1 of iOS 15 is bound to have bugs. Nevertheless, it is clear the Cupertino tech giant worked on refining the beta release to ensure it would have fewer bugs and problems.

iOS 15

The stable developer beta of iOS 15 will be made available to the general public sometime in July, according to Apple. As for what is in iOS 15 beta 1, it includes updates for FaceTime, Messages, Maps, Notifications, Weather, Wallet, Safari, Health, improvements to Siri, and more. A new ”do not disturb’ feature called Focus is also part of this release which helps reduce distractions and notifications across iOS devices.

Have you installed iOS 15 beta 1 on your iPhone yet? What are your thoughts on the performance? Are you experiencing any bugs or performance issues? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out the full speed test below:

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