Siri on iOS 15 vs Google Assistant on Android 12 – See which voice assistant comes out on top

A YouTuber recently pitted Siri on iOS 15 against Google Assistant on Android 12 to investigate which voice assistant is more useful. For now, both the operating systems are running on beta versions, so there will be another comparison video when both operating systems are officially launched to the public.

For the first time since 2014, Google’s new user interface overhaul was unveiled last month on Tuesday at its I/O 2021 event. The internet giant announced that Android 12 will land on Pixel and other Android phones this fall. Offering new personalized color palettes, quicker access to Google Pay, Home settings, and much more. Apple recently announced its iOS 15 update which will be available for compatible iPhone models in Fall, 2021. The new update is packed with exciting new features, and performance improvements like the upcoming intelligence features, which bring the power of on-device machine learning to enrich users’ experience by adding more ease to organizing photos, sharing information, improving search, and a lot more

Siri on iOS 15 vs Google Assistant on Android 12 -

YouTuber compares Siri on iOS 15 and Google Assistant on Android 12

In Depth Tech Reviews compared a Google Pixel 4A running Android 12 beta 1, and iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 15. According to the release notes of iOS 15, Siri got 12 new improvements, out of which 7 can be compared against Google Assistant.

Google Assistant

The first one is offline support, according to the release notes, Siri can now process many requests including timers, alarms, phone messaging, calling, and much more. In terms of testing the offline commands, both phones managed to complete the given set of tasks easily without any problems. Additionally, offline support also works well with music playback, marking the five areas where the feature should work.

After that came the speed test between both phones. According to the release notes, Siri is incredibly fast because of the on-device processing. In order to check the speed properly, the YouTuber kept the same apps running in the background to minimize the gap because he was using Pixel 4a against the powerful CPU in iPhone 12. After that, he tried 14 back-to-back commands on both the phones to see which one of them executes them faster. Android 12 was able to execute the given set of commands in 1 minute and 6 seconds, whereas iOS 15 took 1 minute and 8 seconds to complete the same commands with 2 errors as well.


In another test of maintaining context, Android 12 managed to come out on top. It shows that Apple still has some ways to go before closing the gap between Siri and Google Assistant. In terms of being smart, it was said that Siri can now easily answer follow-up questions, but it only managed to answer 1 out of 5 questions asked. However, Google Assistant on Android 12 was able to answer the questions successfully. But, Apple could very well work on these improvements right now as iOS 15 is currently in beta version, and the company has time till fall before launching it officially.

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