Apple introduces major updates to Health app including Health Sharing, Blood Glucose highlights, fall risk notification and more

Apple has introduced a ton of new features to its Health app in iOS 15 including fall risk notification, blood glucose highlights, and Health Sharing. The features will allow users to securely give a loved one visibility into their health and wellness data. This would help them follow important alerts and changes over time.

Starting this fall, the updated Health app will allow users to privately share their data with a loved one or even a caregiver. The shared data is entirely in the control of the user, as they can control which data types to be shared and with whom. The data is encrypted while being shared, and even the Cupertino tech giant does not have access to that data.

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Share your live health report with Healthcare, introduced in iOS 15

Apple announced major updates for its Health app at this year’s WWDC. The app comes with a new set of data sharing capabilities, some of which are groundbreaking and mark the next generation of integrated health. For example, the revamped Health app in iOS 15 detects measurements for walking steadiness, which can be an important health indicator of potentially serious long-term health conditions as well as an immediate risk of falling.

This past year has emphasized the importance of health, and we’re enabling our users to take a more active role in their well-being. We’ve added powerful features that give users the most comprehensive set of insights to better understand their health trends over time. Many people around the world are caring for someone, and we want to provide a secure and private way for users to have a trusted partner on their health journey. We’re excited to bring these innovative tools directly into users’ hands.


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The details of the data will consist of stride length, speed, and time spent on foot. The app will also give users better descriptions of lab results if they are connected to their respective medical organization virtually. In addition to this, the app also highlights fitness and wellness trends.

Apart from sharing data with medical organizations, a new feature called Health Sharing allows you to privately and securely exchange medical data with family members. With permission, users can see how their parents are doing, or have a quick peek at how the children are doing. This feature allows you to stay up to date on family health.

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