AirTag helped an Australian photographer recover his $7000 worth of stolen equipment

During a holiday in South Australia this month, a photographer Graham Tait was able to find his stolen items with the help of AirTags. Tait reported that thieves broke into his park in the hotel’s parking lot and stole his laptop, camera, GoPro, and other items worth $7000 USD. Fortunately, he had attached an AirTag with a few of his items which enabled him to track them via the Find My app.

AirTag is Apple’s compact tracker which can be attached to or placed in important items like bags, wallets, and keys so that users can easily locate them on their iPhone via Precision Finding or Find My app. The $29 tracker comes with several safety and privacy features which work effectively alert users of theft and stalking attempts according to police reports.


AirTag and the Find My app enabled a victim to track his stolen items to a room in the hotel he was staying at 

According to 9News, Tait had remembered that he had attached an AirTag to two of his stolen items. Thus, he took the help of the Find My app on his iPhone to track down his equipment and police to recover them from a room in the same hotel he was staying at.

“My car was broken into whilst we were traveling in the Flinders Ranges last night and they took a laptop bag and camera – both of which had AirTags fitted. I used the Find My app and tracked the missing items down to a room in the hotel we are staying in,” he said. 

The items, including a wallet, camera, laptop, GoPro and much more were all recovered.


With the support of the Find My network, AirTag has proven to be a very useful device to keep a track of items, especially in incidents of theft. Previously, Apple’s tracker helped an army wife to catch her lying mover, an aggrieved passenger to recover his lost luggage, and saved a victim from a possible double car theft attempt.

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